January 2019

FOUR BOOKS ON VIOLIN PERFORMERS AND PERFORMANCE "Heifetz" edited by Dr. Herbert R. Axelrod, 1976;
"Rise to Follow - An Autobiography" by Albert Spalding, 1944;
"The Way They Play" by Samuel Applebaum & Henry Roth, 1981;
"Master Violinists in Performance" by Henry Roth, 1982.
Sold with "The Art of Practising the Violin" by Robert Gerle, 1983;
"Ton Albert qui t'adore" edited by Suzanne Spalding Winston, 1988;
"Fiddlers in Fiction" by Murray J. Levith, 1979;
"American Music Since 1910" by Virgil Thomson, 1972;
"Facing the Music" by Henri Temianka, 1973;
"A Thousand Mornings of Music - The Journal of an Obsession with the Violin" by Arnold Gingrich, 1970.

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