Bidder Registration

Bidders must register for each T2 auction in which they wish to participate via the Register to Bid link.

Registrants will be asked to choose a Bidder ID. The Bidder ID should not identify the bidder as all Bidder IDs are public. All registration information is kept strictly confidential and secure. Bidders are responsible for keeping their registration information and preferences up to date and correct.

To make changes to an existing registration, click the Account link.

There is a $1.00 charge to register.

Tarisio reserves the right to refuse the registration of any bidder at any time.

Opening and Ending Times

Bidding on all lots in each auction opens as soon as the catalog is published online. Each lot has a separate ending time as listed in the catalog. Ending times are staggered to accommodate bidders interested in multiple lots. All times are listed in Eastern Standard (EST) or Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) as appropriate.

Placing a Bid

To place a bid, the bidder should select the relevant lot and click the Place a Bid button. By default, the amount of the bid will be the current bid plus the appropriate auction increment (see Bidding Increments below). If no bids have been placed, the default amount is the opening bid. The bidder will be prompted for his or her Bidder ID and password. After clicking Submit Bid, the bidder will receive an email confirming the amount of the bid. If another bidder should bid higher than this amount, the first bidder will receive an outbid notice by email. By placing a bid on a Lot (including a Proxy Bid), the bidder is committing to a legally binding and irrevocable offer to purchase the Lot at any price up to and including his or her highest bid amount. Please see our Terms of Use for more information.

Left Bids

Bidders are encouraged to place bids online, but those without access to the internet may leave bids at the viewings or submit bids by telephone. To place telephone bids please call +1 800 814 4188 (New York sales) or +44 (0)20 7354 5763 (London sales) after having registered with T2 in advance.

Please note: left and telephone bids are handled as proxy bids. These services are provided as a courtesy to bidders, and although every effort will be made to execute bids on time and accurately, T2 will not be responsible for any error or failures to execute left bids. In the event that identical bids are left by two or more parties, T2 will honor the first bid received.

Proxy Bids

By placing a proxy bid, a bidder sets a maximum amount that he or she is willing to spend and enables the auction software to execute bids as necessary on his or her behalf. The auction software will place an initial bid (one increment above the current bid) and then wait. If a challenging bid is placed by another bidder, the auction software will automatically execute a bid on behalf of the original proxy bid (again, one increment above the current bid). The auction software attempts to place as few bids as possible in order to keep the bid amount as low as possible. Under no circumstances will the auction software exceed the amount of a proxy bid. A proxy bid is strictly confidential and is encrypted securely in the auction software.

To place a proxy bid, the bidder should select the relevant lot and click the Place Proxy Bid button. After selecting a proxy bid amount from the drop­down list, the bidder is asked to confirm his or her Bidder ID and password. The bidder will then receive an email confirming that a proxy bid has been placed. If the maximum amount of the proxy bid is ever exceeded, the bidder will receive an outbid notice by email.

Bidding Increments

Bidding will be conducted according to the following increments, regardless of the sale currency:

Current Bid: Increments:
0 to 240 by 10
250 to 475 by 25
500 to 950 by 50
1,000 to 2,400 by 100
2,500 to 4,750 by 250
5,000 to 9,500 by 500
10,000 to 24,000 by 1,000
25,000 to 47,500 by 2,500
50,000 to 95,000 by 5,000
100,000 to 240,000 by 10,000
250,000 to 675,000 by 25,000
700,000 to 950,000 by 50,000

Bidding History

The T2 website provides complete and current bidding history for all lots.

Ending Time Auto-Extend

If there is active bidding within the last 10 minutes of a particular lot’s published ending time, the ending time will automatically extend for 15 minutes. This is done as a courtesy to the recently out­bid bidder. The ending time can continue to extend indefinitely for as long as there is active bidding.

Web Page Refresh

Because of the way web pages work, the bidding information you see on your computer screen may at times be slightly out of date. T2 lot pages will automatically refresh every two minutes; however, to make sure you are seeing the most accurate up­to­date bidding information, you can click Refresh or Reload on your browser window to request the latest bidding information from our server.

Reserve Met

When the reserve for a lot is met or exceeded, a highlighted message appears beneath the description of the lot reading Reserve Met.

Successful Bids

The high bidder at the closing time of each lot will be emailed a successful bid confirmation; each high bidder is also requested to set their shipping, payment and other preferences. Within 48 hours of the close of the sale, bidders will receive a preliminary invoice for the lot(s) they have successfully purchased. The invoice will include the buyer’s premium and any applicable shipping fees and taxes based on the bidder’s preferences. It is the responsibility of the bidder to notify T2 should he or she wish to have a particular purchase shipped or invoiced by means other than those specified on the preliminary invoice.