Catalog Practice

Estimate Prices

The estimates published in T2 catalogs are intended to reflect past auction prices and current market trends.

As a courtesy to bidders, currency conversions are provided in the online catalog. These estimates are for approximation purposes only, however, and all bids, consignor reserves, invoicing, and payments will be conducted in US Dollars.

Condition Reports

Prospective buyers are encouraged to thoroughly inspect lots in which they are interested at T2’s pre-sale viewings. T2 provides written condition reports for all instruments and bows via email, but not verbally or otherwise. T2 condition reports are prepared as accurately and comprehensively as possible; however, in no way do they express or imply warranties of any kind on the part of T2 or its specialists.

Certificates, Letters and other Documents

If a lot is to be sold with certificates of authenticity, letters, or other documents, this is noted in the catalog description before the estimate amounts. The dates of old certificates and papers are noted in the catalog; those of contemporary certificates are not.