Shipping & Insurance


After payment is received in full, purchased lots will be shipped by the means indicated on T2’s invoice, unless alternative shipping instructions are received from the bidder.


Customers who wish to pick up purchased lots may do so at T2’s New York office (244­250 West 54th Street). Please note NYS Sales Tax of 8.875% will apply to collected items.

For domestic shipping of purchases, the following is a guide to rates charged by T2 for packing and shipping by FedEx Ground within the continental United States.

Item: Cost:
1 -­4 bows $30
1 violin or 1 viola $60
2 violins or 2 violas $75
3 violins or 3 violas $90
1 cello $175


All other shipping costs are quoted by T2 based on destination. T2 exclusively ships with Fedex and does not ship instruments with the US Postal Service. Purchased lots shipped abroad will be accompanied by all necessary commercial invoices plus antique declarations when appropriate as well as any Protected and Endangered Species declarations and permits.

T2 is not responsible for any loss or damage caused to a lot while in transit.

Shipping Insurance

Shipping insurance for your purchases is provided upon request under a policy written by Heritage Insurance Services for T2. Although accidents are extremely rare, we are committed to helping you protect your purchases. Upon successful bidding, you will have the option to purchase shipping insurance with your invoice.


Your lots can be insured at a cost of 0.5% of value (hammer price plus buyer’s premium) when shipped within the United States. International shipments are charged at a rate of 1.5% of value. The maximum insurable value is $200,000 and insurance is not available for more than the value of your lots. Shipping costs and other fees appearing on your invoice cannot be insured.


Coverage is appropriately robust and applies to loss or damage directly resulting from mis­delivery, non­delivery, mysterious and accidental disappearance during shipment, and other perils including breakage.


The following exclusions apply to coverage: war and other military action, nuclear hazards, governmental seizure or confiscation, governmental destruction or other acts of any governmental or administrative authorities, illegal transportation and contraband. In addition, no coverage is provided for delay, loss of use, loss of market value or any other consequential or indirect loss. No shipping insurance coverage is provided for pre­existing conditions, disclosed or otherwise on condition reports.

T2 expressly disclaims any responsibility for any of the above listed events, our responsibility to you being limited to the purchasing of the above insurance on your behalf if you instructed us to do so and paid the applicable cost.


Claims must be reported within 10 days of the event giving rise to the claim. In the event of damage, you will be asked to submit detailed pictures of the damage and packaging, including the original box and any visible mishandling, damage or abuse thereof. T2 is pleased to assist you in processing your claim as efficiently as possible; please note the insurance company will independently determine claims according to the policy and the specifics of each claim.

The above is a summary of the policy governing shipping insurance for purchased lots. For a more complete version, please email